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Susan Bones
20 July
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I'm Susan Bones.
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acid pops, alcohol, animals, astronomy, baths, beaters, bed clothes, being nice, black, blonde hair, blood pops, bludgers, brown hair, butterbeer, cameras, cancelled classes, cats, centaurs, chocolate, chocolate frogs, clothes, courses, crack, dancing, demelza, demelza's room, demelza/susan, diagon alley, diaries, dress robes, duels, dumbledore, eating, equality, fairness, faith, firebolts, flesh, floo powder, flying, free time, french, friends, galleons, getting smashed, girls, going out, going to class, gryffindor commons, halloween, hanging out, hearts, heartthrobs, herbology, hippogriffs, hogsmead weekends, hogsmeade, hogwarts, holding hands, honesty, honeyduke's, hufflepuff colours, hufflepuff commons, hufflepuffs, journals, justness, kissing, late night owls, letters, love, loyalty, madam puddifoot's, magic, muggle devices, muggles, music, my little ophelia, my room, nice letters, nice people, not exams, not getting homework, not he-who-must-not-be-named, not howlers, not love potions, not newts, not owls, not studying, orchestras, owls, parties, people, peppermint toads, perfume, pets, places, playing exploding snap, porn, potions, professor sprout, pygmy puffs, quaffle, quidditch, quidditch stands, quills, red currant rum, relationships, relaxing, robes, romance, roses, school work, self-correcting ink, sex, shopping, sillyness, skinny-dipping, sleeping, sneaking around at night, snitch, snow, spells, sugar quills, summer, susan/demelza, swimming, talking, text books, the astronomy tower, the daily prophet, the dark forest, the fat lady, the giant squid, the great hall, the lake, the room of requirement, the weird sisters, transfigurations, truth, tulips, unicorns, walks, wands, weasleys' wizard wheezes, weekends, winter, witches, wizards, yellow, zonkos